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As a tree through the ages.
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About Me


Perfectionism, idealism, idealism, altruism, plus a tragic beauty.

Love philosophy, psychology, computer, economics.

Ideal and secular, martyrdom and degeneration, hope and despair, construction and collapse coexist.

It's a pleasure to meet you!

What I'm Doing

Web Design

The most modern and high-quality design made at a professional level.

Web Development

High-quality development of sites at the professional level.

Mobile Apps

Professional development of applications for iOS and Android.


I make high-quality photos of any category at a professional level.





Xiao Fu River Trekking

Investigate and study the current environmental pollution of Xiaofu River.

ASDAN Business Competition × Shanghai Finals
2021.7.29 — 2021.8.3

Develop and optimize the formulas and algorithms of the business competition wheel, implemented in Python.

MUN4SDGs Model United Nations
2021.7.15 — Prensent

Co-founder, participated in the construction of MUN4SDGs

Build and operate the official website of MUN4SDGs (

Hoisting engineering company internship
2021.7.1 — 2021.7.28

Internship in Shandong Haiwan Hoisting Engineering Co., Ltd.

Volunteer activity
2015 — Present

Volunteers for campus activities;

Community librarian;

Baidu Tieba admin;

Pipixia APP diamond admin;

Promoter of fire station and blood donation station;

Independently produce school garbage recycling posters;

Provide technical support for multiple large Minecraft servers;

"Spring Bud Program, They Want to Go to School" public welfare promotion to subsidize children's enrollment;

A total of 500+ hours of volunteer service.

Editor-in-Chief of Traditional Culture Festival
2021.6.1 — 2021.6.28

As the editor-in-chief and actor of the school's traditional culture festival activities.

"Keep the Spring Around" Photo Contest
2021.4.14 — 2021.6.5

Individual second place, (Top 2 of 70)

School sport day
2021.5.4 — 2021.5.6

First place in the 4×100 relay team.

International Economics Olympiad (IEO)
2021.4.11 — 2021.4.28

Individual third prize.

Purpe Comet Math Meet
2021.4.12 — 2021.4.20

First place in the team, (Top 1 of 3353)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research Project
2021.1.17 — 2021.4.4

Published paper on machine learning image recognition in the field of artificial intelligence.

ASDAN Business Competition × Weifang Regional Competition
2021.3.20 — 2021.3.21

Pitch Deck Award, first place in the team.

Business Battle Award, first place in the team.

Auction Award, first place in the team.

Create my own virtual company Cafeel and build the company's official website.

Independently explored and developed formulas and algorithms for business competition operation rounds, implemented in Python.

United States of America Computing Olympiad, (USACO)
2021.2.29 — 2021.3.1

Individual first place in the bronze group, (Top 1 of 3331)

Lvxy Virtual Private Network (VPN)
2020.10.21 — Present

Provide long-term free VPN service to help 33 students from 3 universities (Shandong, Shanghai) eliminate learning barriers and improve learning efficiency.

Lvxy Startpage
2020.10.21 — Present

Build and continue to maintain and operate the search homepage ( and personal homepage, with 3000+ monthly visits to the website

Editor-in-Chief of School International Day
2021.6.1 — 2021.6.28

Served as editor-in-chief and actor for the school's International Day activities.

Co-founder of Programming Club
2020.9.1 — 2020.9.3

Co-founder & Leader

Design community logo based on Python programming language

Minecraft Best RPG Server Award

The original RPG server of the award-winning work "Above One"

Independent development and operation of Minecraft server
2015 — Present

Hundreds of online large-scale original profitable RPG servers, accumulating more than 10,000 players

Independent shooting and production of Minecraft series animation
2018 — 2019

The animation video has been played more than 170,000 times.

Chinese soft pen calligraphy
2010 — 2018

Chinese soft pen calligraphy level 10 certificate.

Drum kit
2008 — 2012

Drum set 8 certificate.

2008 — 2011

Go 5 level certificate.

My Skills

Computer Science35%
Computer Science
Art Design85%
Art Design


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